Bake-out unit

The bake-out unit has been designed for a fully automated baking of vacuum recipients. It is divided into a controller and a power section, the latter consisting of one or more switch boxes to connect the heating elements.


All measurement data are stored in a set interval. With the PC software not running the controller stares the data on the inegrated SD-card. With startup of the PC software these data are read and stored in log files (Tab-separated ASCII files).

Technical data

Data connection USB 2.0 and 10/Mbit TCP/IP
Power input 230V AC 50Hz, 16A
Switch box
Power input 400V AC 50Hz, 16A 5mm connection cable with CEE plug 16A/5-pin
19" housing 3HE/84TE resp. BxHxT 426x128x463
Circuit breaker 4x 230V/16A
Output switch 4x SSR (Thyristor) 230V/30A
Current transformer 0..20A / 0..10V, to measure the output current