Data acquisition featuring the LauerBox

"Which machines in my plant are currently actually running?"

"How long has a machine been occupied with a specific order?"

"What are the reasons for and the lengths of my machine downtimes?"

"I need to record production parameters for quality assurance!"

The LauerBox can provide all the above information and has also been optimized to work with heterogeneous machinery, i. e. all required machine and production data is made available digitally and in a standardized format regardless of the age of the machines.

This data can be fed into an existing production data acquisition (PDA) and production planning and control system (PPS), or into our modular, customer-specific PDA.

The connection to the Intranet or internet enables the current production data to be displayed without the need for a superordinate PDA, not only locally (e. g. for supervisors and the management) but also externally (e. g. for sales and marketing personnel).

The PDA comprises the following components, some of which may already be on hand or can be installed at a later date:

The LauerBox

gathers machine and production data which is transferred via LAN or WLAN to the DataCollector (server). From there the data is passed on to control panels for online visualization or to a database for further analysis.

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Depending on which kind of infrastructure is already in place or preferred, LauerBoxes and DataCollector can be linked by a wireless or by cable.

The DataCollector Suite

is a software package for data query and storage. In addition to the actual DataCollector the suite consists of a data importer for storing data in a database and administrative tools to comfortably configure and update the programs.


The ControlPanel

The customer-specific ControlPanel visualizes the current machinery data. Several ControlPanels can connect to the DataCollector simultaneously, receiving the data in real time.


The Database Connectivity

Existing databases can be linked into the system using the data importer included in the DataCollector Suite.