Wiper I cleans soiled jet valve nozzles.

On the upper side of the cleaning station a cleaning tape rests lightly on a push button. When the valve nozzle triggers the push button there is mechanical contact. The tape is then pulled under the nozzle and any residue on the nozzle is removed.

Wiper II cleans soiled dispensing tips.

On the top of the cleaning device there is a gripper mechanism with flexible gripper jaws which are covered by a cleaning tape. The soiled dispensing tip is inserted into the space between the jaws and the gripper closes and presses the tape around the tip. When the tip exits the grippers, any residue on it is wiped clean.

As there are two sizes of gripper jaw available, even the shortest tips can be effectively cleaned.

Wiper V(ision) assists in recording the exact dosing position in dispensers.

A textile, paper or transparent PE tape, which can be lit from underneath if required, runs across the top of the station. Dispense dots applied to the tape can be measured by a higher-level machine controller and used to calculate and correct the position, for example. After measurement the tape is spooled forwards to ensure that the surface is clean for the next measurement.

Technical data

Supply voltage 24 VDC / 500 mA
Compressed air (Wiper II) min 0,4 MPa (ISO 8573-1 Class 4)
Ribbon Length 25 m
Width 15 mm
Signals Inputs Start / Stop
Outputs Ribbon end / error
Ready for cleaning (W I / W II)
Cleaning finished (W I)
At cleaning position (W I)
Dimensions (LxBxH) 200 x 45 x 150 mm
Weight 1,3 kg