Wiper accessories

Our Wiper accessories include connection plates and gripper jaws (Wiper II).
Connection plates are also available in specific designs with different thicknesses or as multi-plates with customer-specific spacing between the Wipers.

Quick-change plate

The Wiper's I/O-cable and pneumatic hose are connected to the quick-change plate. This means that the Wiper can be easily removed from the plate and the machine and that the tape can be replaced at a remote assembly station without the supply lines having to be disconnect. In addition, replacing the Wiper with a second device in a matter of seconds minimizes machine downtime.The I/Os are connected by a 15-pin D-sub connector. A version with a 9-pin D-sub connection is also available for compatibility (when a Wiper Direct is exchanged for a Wiper with a quick-change plate).

The quick-change plate on the Wiper II contains a compressed air valve that turns off the compressed air when the Wiper is removed and switches it on again when it is reinserted. The older version featuring a manual switch is still available for those who prefer manual operation.

Data sheet

Gripper jaws (Wiper II)

Gripper jaws ensure that the dispensing needle is surrounded by the tape.

On delivery Wiper II is equipped with grippers with flexible, mushroom-shaped nubs, which that are suitable for all needle diameters. The nubs are made of plastic and should be replaced after a while, which is why a set of spare nubs is included with every PU cleaning tape.

Even better cleaning results are achieved with the X-type gripper (a further development of the O-type). These grippers are only suitable for a specific outer needle diameter, however. This means that when the needle diameter is changed, the grippers may also have to be switched over.

Kit for sensitive needles (Wiper II)

At the start of the cleaning process the needle presses on the tape between the open gripper jaws, which could result in thin needles bending. Our kit for sensitive needles permanently deflects the tape so that the needle does not come into contact with the tape until the gripper jaws are closed. This conversion kit is part of Wiper II's scope of delivery and can be pre-assembled on request.