The Wiper family - effective cleaning of dispensing systems

Dispensing needles or valves are the preferred solution for applying casting compounds and adhesives. Their automated use over a longer period of time requires more or less frequent cleaning to ensure a consistent dispensing result. Our Wipers have been developed to also integrate cleaning into automated processes:

Wiper I for cleaning jet valves and spray nozzles
Wiper II for cleaning dispensing needles
Wiper V(ision) supports the detection of the exact dispensing-position

Integrating a Wiper into dispensing systems involves minimal effort. The supply voltage is 24V; Wiper II and Wiper V also require a six bar compressed air supply that they can switch on and off autonomously.

The Wiper communicates with the dispensing system through digital 24V I/Os such as the start signal input and other optional signal outputs, among them Ready, Error, Early warning, End of tape.

The valve or needle is cleaned by wiping off the excess dispensing material on a textile tape that is forwarded after each clean, readying an unused section of tape for the next cleaning operation.

The tape is wound from reel to reel, meaning that a large number of cleaning cycles are available before the tape is used up and needs to be replaced. Depending on the settings and length of the tape, between 500 and 10,000 cleaning cycles are possible. Before it is too late, i.e. before the tape is completely used up, the pending change of tape is indicated both optically by a flashing LED and electronically through a digital output.

The Wiper family

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