Cleaning tapes are the only consumables required; all other items are always included in the scope of delivery and only need to be reordered in exceptional cases.

Cleaning tapes

A range of tapes with different properties is available for the Wiper family. Which tape is ultimately best suited to the respective application can only be determined by running tests in the actual application. For this purpose, tape samples are available on request.

Data sheet

Center ring

The center ring is required to wind the soiled tape. ic-automation tapes are wound on this ring so that it can be used to wind the next tape. Each ring and each tape have that prevents slippage when the tape is wound up.

Mushroom nubs

The mushroom-shaped nubs are self-adhesive and glued onto the standard grippers to ensure that the cleaning tape fits snuggly around the needle. Since the nubs are made of plastic and therefore do not remain permanently elastic when pressed, they should be replaced after a while. Each PU cleaning tape comes with a set of spare nubs for this reason.